The show must go on!

Welcome to what will be a series of posts about how a production is brought to life, and how Rochdale Musical Theatre Company is adapting to working during the global pandemic.

Going to the theatre is the best; sitting in the dark for two hours and escape. A chance to stop thinking about your own problems or the news of today, you get to sit back and watch fairytales come to life before your very eyes. You get to watch two people fall in love and make beautiful music.

We made the decision to license Legally Blonde earlier this year, and in the months that followed our hearts sank as we watched our fellow amateur societies having to cancel shows. 

We know how much work went on in the months leading up to those cancellations, and the countless hours of rehearsals that the dedicated performers and crew devoted to putting on the best show they can.

The reason we do it isn’t for fame or awards. We, and so many other amateur societies, do it because we love the arts. We do it because we want to give you that chance to escape, and we do it to help raise money for local charities.

The committee had a difficult decision to make. Do we cancel our show and wait for life to return to normal, or do we keep going in the knowledge that this will pass and the curtain will rise again? We don’t need to tell you which option we went with.

The next decision was how we were going to keep going. We couldn’t have our normal get together, and we couldn’t hold auditions in person. We couldn’t even have our own meetings in person.

We knew that this would be different to other shows, and we knew that we would have to put a lot more time and effort in to making it work. We just didn’t know what we were going to do.


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